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Circumcision revision, penile scrotal web, pubic liposuction and ED

Dr. Reed:

I have written you before about circumcision revision, penile scrotal web, pubic liposuction and ED   I wish to correct the damage done by a
circumcision that I had several years ago.  I am spending a week in
January in South Beach and would like to come in first for your
opinion as to whether you can make any correction that will make it
less painful having sex and also allow me to feel better about the
visuals of my penis and balls.  The circumcision pulled my balls up
and created a web (when flaccid) between my balls and the frenulum
of my penis.  Although when erect there really is not a pronounced penile-scrotal web it is uncomfortable.  I’m really wanting my penis to have more
definition when flaccid.  I would also like to get rid of the very
pronounced suture scars just below the head of my penis.  I may want
to have the frenulum removed in this process.

In an initial appointment can you evaluate my penis and scrotum both
flacid and erect to determine realistically what can be done.  I have been using caverject for a number of years to achieve an
erection hard enough for intercourse.

Last question is with regard to liposuction of the fat of the pubic
mound to expose more of the shaft of my penis.  Is this something that you do?

I’d like to make an appointment for an evaluation early in the week
that I’m there.  I may or may not want to proceed with the
correction depending on what improvement you think could be
made.  So am not sure how to proceed in terms of making an
appointment.  I live in Oregon, so it would make sense to go
ahead with any procedure while I’m there.  Can you direct me as to
what appointment arrangement I should make?

I should add that I’m 67.


Dear Neal,

Let’s start by initiating a consultation over the phone.  Sounds like you have had a very aggressive circumcision.    Perhaps this has caused a penile-scrotal web.  I would not recommend pubic liposuction and circumcision revision at the same time as pubic liposuction can temporarily
injure the pubic lymphatics and impede wound healing on your penis.

Removal of the frenulum is easy to do at the same time and this
is done gratis.  We will also talk about ED (erectile dysfunction) when you are here,.

Hope you have had a relaxing Thanksgiving weekend.


Harold M. Reed , M.D.
The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcision – Miami


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Penile scrotal web


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