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Best way to remove a Penile Scrotal Web (Turkey neck)

Dr. Reed,  Do you believe a penile scrotal web can cause downward angulation of an erection?


Dear Alejandro, a penile scrotal web can occur congenitally as this is a transitional zone or can be produced by an overzealous (removing too much skin) circumcision.  I have seen over the years many men with penile scrotal webs who were never circumcised.  Only if the downward angulation was not present before, and after an adult circumcision did you notice this would I begin to suspect the penoscrotal web is causative.  More likely you have an independent downward curvature, which could be a variant of Peyronie’s oir caused represent a developmental problem with your urethra.  If you have been able to correlate penile trauma with the onset of the downward curvature, I am thinking more of Peyronie’s especially if there is a plaque and perhaps recent onset of pain.

All of this can be sorted out with a consultation.  Perhaps a penile ultrasound may show fibrosis of the urethra.

Hoping this gets you off to a good start.



Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Ambulatory Urological Surgery – Miami


Penile-Scrotal Web


Penile-Scrotal Web Corrected by V-Y plasty

Before & After: Peyronies Disease | The Reed Centre

Peyronies with upward curvature


intra-op, neurovascular bundle lifted, plaque removed, pericardial patch inserted, perfectly straight penis

Peyronie’s corrected by lysis of plaque and insertion of Bovine pericardial graft