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Penile skin bridge

Dr. Reed, Had a circumcision as a child and the rim of the glans does not show on the underside.  Is it possible it was removed or needs to be exposed?  Frank

Dear Frank,

The most common reason fo the rim of th glans not showing is called penile synechia or fusion of the foreskin to the glans which was not separated or reattached after neonatal circumcision.  Under local anesthesia we can start where the rim is clearly seen and spread the skin apart on the underside.  Then please apply an antibiotic ointment for about 2 weeks or so until the raw area epithelializes.  This is minor surgery.  Similar approach is used for penile skin bridges and penile tunnels.  (Unroofing).

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Picture of Penile skin bridge or penile synechia

Picture of Penile skin bridge or penile synechia

After Picture of Penile skin bridge (patient fo Dr. Reed)

Adult Circumcision Revision and Repair | The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcision | Miami

Dr. Reed, Need an adult circumcision revision to repair an irregular appearance of my circumcision and correct penile skin tunnels or tunnels.  Brian Dear Brian, We do revisions of unsatisfactory adult circumcisions. Our objective is to correct an unsatisfactory functional and cosmetic result.  Circumcision skin tunnels and penile skin bridges are easy to correct and surprisingly the skin is usually normal…Continue Reading

Penile tunnels and skin bridges

Dr. Reed,  Was circumcised at birth but have always noted a penile skin bridge on the underside of my penis.  No especial smell or discharge, but think I’d feel better smooth all the way around. Lloyd Dear Lloyd, We see a few penile skin bridges and tunnels every year.  The most common case of a…Continue Reading

Penile skin tunnel that doesn’t belong there

Dear Dr. Reed,  I have a noticeable penile skin tunnel on the underside of my penis probably related to an infant circumcision and this has bothered me and persisted all of my adult life although reassured it would eventually open.  Never happened.  What now.  Rudy Dear Rudy,  Chances are you will need a very minor…Continue Reading

Penile skin bridge and chronic discharge

Dr. Reed, I have been diagnosed with a penile skin bridge and occasionally there is a white discharge which is bothersome to contend with.  Think I would like to have it removed.  Is this something you can do.  Arnaldo Dear Arnaldo, Yes, we remove penile skin bridges and the result after healing is usually very…Continue Reading

Penile skin bridge and adhesions

What are penile adhesions and skin bridges? Penile adhesions in circumcised boys occur when the penile shaft skin sticks, or adheres, to the glans of the penis. Our practice is mostly adult patients, so the bridges or adhesions (also called synechia) have been present for a long time, and doubtless would go away with non-operative…Continue Reading

Penile skin bridges and tunnels

Dr. Reed, Had been circumcised as a child and have intermittent discharge from areas in the incision line where some penile skin bridges or pores are noted.  Never actually stops.  What is the remedy?  Will I need to have an adult circumcision all over again?  Kevin Dear Kevin, We see several cases of penile skin…Continue Reading

Skin tunnel and skin bridge after circumcision as child

Dear Dr. Reed, How easy is it to correct a penile skin bridge and skin tunnels after a circumcision that was performed when I was about 3. Mel Dear Mel, Skin bridges and skin tunnels are fairly easy to correct with a very acceptable cosmetic result.  Please look at before and after circumcision photos on…Continue Reading

Penile Skin Bridge, Penile Tunnel, Penile Synechia

Dr. Reed, Have a Penile Bridge or Tunnel where I had an circumcision with many years ago and it continually sheds dirt.  Speculating, perhaps the sutures which were never removed caused this.   They have never been infected, but the stuff I squeeze out of them is whitish and smells terrible. Could this produce an infection…Continue Reading