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(FAQ) Circumcision Styles | Dr. Harold Reed | The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcision

Dr. Reed,  What are the common circumcision styles? Do you have a favorite?  Bo

Dear Bo,  We try to please whenever possible.  Moderation is always the best advice.  Please avoid excessively tight circumcisions as there is a tendency to draw the scrotum and pubis onto the penile shaft.  Only to have a patient call me done elsewhere and complaining of hair on the shaft of his penis or a penile scrotal web (so called turkey neck).

Please see before and after adult circumcision photos on our web-site

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcision | Miami

Penile length lost after my circumcision

Dear Dr. Reed, Had perhaps too much penis skin removed, and now my erect length is almost 1 1/2″ shorter. Could you discuss the options?   Adrian Dear Adrian, Please see after and before circumcision pictures some posted below. Assuming you have not gained any weight during the interval, the most likely explanation is an overly…Continue Reading

How do you fix a penile scrotal web or turkey neck?

How do you fix a penile scrotal web or turkey neck? Not sure if my recent adult circumcision has made my penis shorter. Phil Dear Phil, An overzealous or overly aggressive circumcision can make your penis look shorter by lifting scrotal skin on to the underside of your penis.  More likely than not, your true…Continue Reading

Think I need a circumcision revision, skin covering my head

Dr. Reed,  Had an adult circumcision done 2 yers ago and was not very happy because it looks like I was never circumcised.  My head is covered most of the time when flaccid.  What are the options?  Saw pictures of your work on Milton Dear Milton, Thank you for looking at photos of our…Continue Reading

Please fix circumcision waddle and penile scrotal web

Dear Dr. Reed, I have a waddle of skin on  the underside of my penis and penile scrotal web which was either not corrected or induced by prior adult circumcision.  I can send you some photos.  How easy is this to repair. Matthew Dear Matthew, We see penile waddles all the time along with penile…Continue Reading

Looking for a circumcision doctor in Miami for desired circumcision style

Dear Oscar, We do many adult circumcisions every month and are located in greater Miami, Bay Harbor Islands, next to the Bal Harbour Shoppes. The circumcision styles we offer are remove or not the frenulum, cut low high or moderate, cut loose tight or moderate, and cut parallel to the rim of the head which…Continue Reading

Circumcision scar revision and remove penile-scrotal web

Dr. Reed,  Am a member of a circ support group and they recommended you to revise my circumcision scar (had 1 circumcision and one revision)  and remove a penile scrotal web.  Will be available in January. Warren Dear Warren, Sorry to learn you had  so much grief.  There is always a tendency if too much…Continue Reading

Possible to go from high to low circumcision?

Dr. Reed, Don’t like the two toned look.  Is it possible to go from high to a low circumcision? Matthew Dear Matthew, If you have some loose skin when you are erect, theoretically yes.  You may require a V-dart on the underside as bringing a larger circumference to a smaller may result in a waddle.  Please…Continue Reading

Why does my recent circumcision revision make me look shorter

Dr. Reed, Had a circumcision revision on the west coast, and think I look shorter or may have lost some length.  I am embarrassed to ask the doctor.  Phil Dear Phil, When circumcisions are overly tight, they may draw your pubic skin onto the penis and scrotal skin also.  You lose the normal penile pubic…Continue Reading

Penile scrotal web, can this be corrected and circumcision revised?

Dear Dr. Reed,  May have had some tendency to a turkey neck or penile scrotal web before circumcision but now it is more exaggerated.  Can this be fixed and my circumcision revised. Damien Hi Damien, Please understand that most circumcision revisions where penile shaft skin has to be removed especially on the underside will worsen a…Continue Reading