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Can you save my penile piercing when you do an adult circumcision

Dear Dr. Reed,  I have been reading allot on adult circumcision and reading what you do seems the best I have seen. I have been wanting to get this dun for along time and think you are the one to do it for me. My question is you say you can leave the frenulum. i hope so since I have piercings there and would like to keep them. Also If I come and get this done how long will I be there? Is this a couple hours or longer. Hope to here back and am looking forward to get this done thank you. Ben

Hi Ben,

Thank you for your interest in Cosmetic Adult Circumcision and seeing the before and after pictures on  If the penile piercing is in th4 distal shaft, most probably we can leave this area untouched.  Assuming you seem qualified after initiating a phone consultation, a typical scenario is to come in for consultation followed by cosmetic circumcision.  Allow 30 minutes for the consultation which includes a physical exam, and an additional 3 hours for inducing local anesthesia, surgery, to include your 2 hour stay in the recovery room.  We expect if you are from out of town, you stay at a local hotel (Daddy O, one block away).  I do need to see you the following morning.  We have been able to save distal shaft penile beads as well.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcision – Miami