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Mogen clamp for adult circumcision?

Dr. Reed, Do you use a Mogen clamp for adult circumcision?  Herb

Dear Herb,

A Mogen clamp has its place for neonatal circumcisions but I personally would not use this on an adult because the exactitude of the incision is not well controlled.  This relates to circumcision styles... loose moderate or tight circumcision cut, high or low.  On a patient over 3 months, for sure, sutures have to be put into place lest there be wound separation and bleeding.

With an infant, (yes local anesthesia should be used)  the technique is to sweep around the glans with a round edge probe to be sure any adhesions are freed up, Then the foreskin is grasped the foreskin at 12 o’clock and pulled outwardly.  The Mogen clamp is then applied. This ensures more skin is removed on the top side.  The glans angulates back further dorsally, so the top side of the shaft needs less skin.  The clamp is left applied for 5 to 8 minutes.  The foreskin is excised with the clamp on, and the clamp is then removed after a few more minutes.

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Harold M. Reed, M.D.
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Picture of the Mogen clamp

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