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Can you remove all my inner skin during an adult circumcision

Dr. Reed, Know there are many circumcision styles, but would like all my inner skin removed.  What should I anticipate?  Can you do this?  Howard

Dear Howard,

Yes, we can do this circumcision style.  The inner skin is the portal through which HIV viruses enter the penis, as it is not keratinized.  The neck of your penile shaft is narrower than the mid shaft, so we will have to make a small V dart on the underside to avoid a ventral waddle.  I will post below a low circumcision and will probably get yours to be even lower than that.  Trusting this meets with your approval.

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcision | Dr. Harold Reed | Miami

Very low circumcision style showing V dart on the underside to avoid puckers


Top side view of very low circumcision style

How many circumcisions styles are there?

Dr. Reed, How many circumcision styles are there and are they all compatible such as high and tight or low and loose?  Tim Dear Tim, Circumcision styles are up to the patient whenever possible Assuming you do not have phimosis in which case we need to remove all scarified skin, which may affect “high” ness…Continue Reading

Phimosis FAQ | Dr. Harold Reed M.D. | Miami

Dr. Reed,  Have been battling with phimosis for nearly all my adult life and have tried steroid creams, antibiotic creams, sexual abstinence, you name it, and does occasionally get somewhat better but at this point I am a believer that I will need an adult circumcision.  Do I have options for circumcision styles?  Chris Dear…Continue Reading

Male Circumcision Styles

Dr. Reed, Do you have a preference for male circumcision styles?  Are you able to do a low and tight circumcision.  And do you have any before any after low and tight circumcision pictures?   Leo Dear Leo, Low and tight circumcisions are certainly available.  However, keep in mind we are merging 2 different circumferences into each other. …Continue Reading

What Male Circumcision Styles do you offer

What male circumcision styles do you offer?  I have heard “high and tight” mentioned a lot?  Is this your most popular circumcision style? Randall Dear Randall, We give the patient 4 male circumcision styles to choose from.  Remove or do not remove the frenulum, low moderate or high, tight moderate or loose, and cut or…Continue Reading