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Need circumcision and have large vein on top of my penis

Dear Dr. Reed,
I am a 30-yr-old living in Columbus, Ohio. I first investigated adult circumcision when I was 23, at The Ohio State University Medical Center’s Urology Department. I have held off for a number of reasons, but at this point, I am more ready than ever to do this. I have some really serious reservations and questions, and so far, it looks like you are the only specialist out there who really understands these sorts of concerns.

Firstly, I have a large dorsal vein running along the top of the shaft, and it seems like there would be no way to blend-in or taper off this vein once it has been cut. I am very worried about how this and other veins will look, post procedure.

I have a wide dynamic range (a grower not a shower).   Also, at full erection, my penis changes at a rate that may be normal but seems pretty drastic.. from about 3 inches when flaccid to about 7 inches when erect. Will there be all kinds of exposed, nasty looking veins or skin that looks shredded when I have an erection?

Obviously I care about the cosmetic side of this, and ideally when this is done, an erection would look the same way it looks now; with a nice even ring of skin, only without all the hassles of an uncircumcised penis when flaccid.

A few years ago, I uncovered a letter from 1988 from the Doctor that delivered me, which informed my father that I should be circumcised because I have an “unusually long” foreskin. Obviously good old dad did not decide to follow the advice.

I know the answer would normally be “just stop in for a consultation,” but I cannot afford to fly to Florida for this more than once.

I am just looking for answers to those two concerns for the time being..

Truly Yours,


Dear Bruce,

Thank you for your interest in what we do…  cosmetic circumcisions.  Anticipate a phone call once you initiate a consultation and we’ll discuss all of your concerns.  Assuming you are medically good to go, we will meet on day one, with circumcision to follow that day, and we do recommend bed rest for 2 days afterwards before returning home.  So if your appointment is for Monday anticipate leaving the Daddy O Hotel (0ne block from our office) on Wednesday.

We have performed over 8000 cosmetic circumcisions in the past 40 years
and usually do several cases every week.

We have done sons of physicians, brothers, religious circumcisions,
men who have not seen the heads of their penis for 20 years! This
is your circumcision and we do it the way you want with respect
to 4 parameters.

Please don’t be like the patient who writes: “Dr. Reed I just got circumcised
two days ago and my result was not what i expected. I was wondering
when i recover can i get a consultation with you.” Photos sent
and received (unspoken comment “disaster zone”)

Taking your thoughtful concerns in the order posed…

We’ll manage that large dorsal vein (most likely a superficial vein not the deep dorsal) anyway you see fit and possible.  For example it can be lifted via the circumcising incision and stripped down to the base of your penis and tied off.

Most importantly is the you do not have an overzealous circumcision, as overly tight erections are painful. You will not have nasty veins or a shredded look.

Be assured we will show you every courtesy,

All the best,

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcisions – Miami


Cosmetic Circumcision by  Dr. Reed

Cosmetic Circumcision by Dr. Reed