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Would like a tight circumcision and vasectomy

Dr. Reed, Would like a tight circumcision.  Looked at your blog and circumcision pictures on  Do you know of any doctors in Connecticut.  Andrew  PS Is it also possible to have a vasectomy done at the same time?

Dear Andrew,  Thank you for your interest in what we do.  8000 adult circumcisions over the years.  Regretfully, we do not maintain a directory of a handful of urologists who specialize in cosmetic adult circumcision.  You may wish to contact the American Urological Association for guidance.  We do our circumcisions with the penis on the stretch and look carefully to make sure the pubic skin or scrotum is not drawn onto the shaft of the shaft along with pubic hair.  That would be too tight.  Some of our patients request high and tight

Yes, we can do a vasectomy and adult circumcision at the same time.  If you are married, we’d appreciate a letter from your wife saying she agrees, as there is a loss of fertility issue in your relationship.  Remember, you are not cleared to have unprotected sex until you have 2 seminal specimens, the most recent of which show no sperm in the ejaculate.

Did you know, we are having a holiday promotion.  Confer with Anne at the office. Before and after pictures of our adult circumcision can be seen at adult-male-circumcision/photographic-examples

Best wishes,

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcision | Miami

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Am a grower not a show-er and seeking a high and tight circumcision

Dr. Reed, Am a grower not a show-er and seeking a high and tight circumcision.  Is this a contradiction of terms or is this possible?  Raymond Dear Raymond, Many Caucasian men are growers, not show-ers.  My concern is that we leave enough skin so when you have an erection there is no pulling of pubic skin…Continue Reading

What adult circumcision style should I get

Dear Dr. Reed, What adult circumcision style should I get.  Planning on an adult circumcision with you this December.  Will rest during the holidays.  Keith Dear Keith, Circumcision styles include remove or do not remove the frenulum, low moderate or high cut, loose moderate or tight, and the cut leaving the inner skin equidistant all…Continue Reading

Like to see Adult Circumcision Before and After Pictures from The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcision | Miami

Dear Dr. Reed,  Would like to see some Adult Circumcision Before and After Pictures.  Although I live in Georgia, would happily travel to Florida to have the circumcision style done just right.  A friend had suggested I look at your adult circumcision before after images.  Ken Dear Ken, Yes, many Adult Circumcision Before and After Pictures are displayed on our web-site  As you can see there…Continue Reading

(FAQ) Adult circumcision revision | Dr. Reed | Miami

Dr. Reed, Am contemplating an adult circumcision revision.  Have some minor com;plaints including a penile skin waddle, could be a tighter circumcision, and unsightly suture cross hatch marks. Is it worth it?  Alex Dear Alex, If you are medically in good shape, this type of surgery which is minor and done under local is fairly…Continue Reading

High and tight circumcision redux (aka ultra tight circumcision)

Dr. Reed, Can you perform an ultra tight circumcision?  What are the advantages of high and tight circumcision?  Richard Dear Richard, Yes, if you do not have phimosis we can do a high and tight circumcision . Please be advised however that the inner skin which is being preserved is the portal through which HIV infection occurs.  If you’re inclined to have…Continue Reading

How many circumcisions styles are there?

Dr. Reed, How many circumcision styles are there and are they all compatible such as high and tight or low and loose?  Tim Dear Tim, Circumcision styles are up to the patient whenever possible Assuming you do not have phimosis in which case we need to remove all scarified skin, which may affect “high” ness…Continue Reading

Adult Circumcision “like it was done at birth” | Dr. Harold Reed M.D. | Miami

Im 26 years old and ive been wanting to have a circumcision done for a few years now. I have been looking for a doctor who specializes in adult circumcision. I want the frenulum removed and basically i want it to look like i had it done since birth. I saw some pictures of patients…Continue Reading

Do you have photos of an adult circumcision result performed by Dr. Reed

Dr. Reed, I am 38 years old and would like to have an adult circumcision.  Do you have any after photos of your work? Is there any particular circumcision style you recommend? Henry Dear Henry, Many photos of an adult circumcision and revisions performed by Dr. Reed are posted on our web-site Your circumcision style…Continue Reading

Grower not show-er asks is high and tight possible with my physiology

I have done some research online and I think I would like a high and tight  style with my frenulum removed.   However my penis changes quite a lot in size from flaccid to erect – is this style possible with my physiology?   Don Dear Don, Being tight in the flaccid stage for someone like…Continue Reading