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Hematoma after circumcision elsewhere redux

Hello Doctor Harold,

I went to my doctor this morning. He inspected my penis and reassured me again that it is just the hematoma after my circumcision was draining naturally. He squeezed the hematoma and lots of blood and blood clots came out, surprisingly it didn’t hurt (no local anesthesia applied). He also applied Hemoclar cream (Pentosan sulphuric polyester) all over my penis to help with the hematoma. He gave me a tube of it and asked me to try and squeeze remainder of hematoma tonight during a warm bath and apply the cream after. I was so relieved when all of the blood clots came out and my penis is starting to look normal again, although there is still some bleeding, still have to put liners on my underwear. I tried to get an order for a full blood count, platelet, PT and PTT but he then reassured me again that there is no need for that. I hope he is right and hope this bleeding goes away soon.

I’ll update you again after 3 days.

Thanks so much!


Hi Jorge,

Sounds like encouraging news,

About 2 years ago was at a lecture by Mark Kelly, one of the US astronauts, who said in the control center there’s a sign “One man is smarter than many” meaning the man that’s there (in outer space or walking on the moon) is the most knowledgeable.

I looked up Pentosan sulphuric polyester cream and its only FDA (US Federal Drug Administration) approval is for types of cystitis especially interstitial cystitis in humans and yes can be used for hematoma when used for veterinary purposes.  Try to form a baseline image of how much drainage you have on a daily basis starting now and if it’s less and less, hopefully you’ll be fine.

Best wishes from across the pond,

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcision – Miami

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