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You may need a Circumcision Revision

hi, you never answered my question.  So here it is again.

think I have a rather unique situation.  I was already circumcized as a child, but during my adolescent years I developed extra skin growth.  I guess you would call it regrowth of some foreskin.  Now I am 23 and I am kind of in between a circumcised man and a uncircumcised man.  The Skin on my penis covers about half of my head.  It is very uncomfortable and I would like to return my penis to the way it used to be.  Is this possible?


Dear John,

The most common reasons for “regrowth”: of foreskin is weight gain with blousing of your pubic skin over your penis. In that the tissue septa of the penile shaft skin a fairly loose extra skin “at the top” will drift down to the head and create a loose circumcision or uncircumcised look.  If you are of good height weight proportion, then I would think the circumcision was initially loose, and this can be revised.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcision – Miami