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Unhappy with my adult circumcision, can this be revised?

Dr. Reed, My adult circumcision didn’t fulfill my expectations at all.  Looks rather uneven and was left with circumcision suture cross hatch marks.  Gustav

Dear Gustav,

We have done about 8000 adult circumcisions and revisions.  Please Email me some photos along with your specific critiques.  Our Email address is  Also look at before after after pictures of our circumcision results.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcision | Miami

Picture of patient requesting circumcision revision

After picture of circumcision revision to include release of penile scrotal web

Penile tunnels and skin bridges

Dr. Reed,  Was circumcised at birth but have always noted a penile skin bridge on the underside of my penis.  No especial smell or discharge, but think I’d feel better smooth all the way around. Lloyd Dear Lloyd, We see a few penile skin bridges and tunnels every year.  The most common case of a…Continue Reading

Having a religious circumcision with a Mohel, any words of advice

Dr. Reed, I am considering a religious circumcision with a Mohel. Any special advice? Gilbert Good afternoon Gilbert, You have the option of having a religious circumcision in our office based surgery center with a Mohel or Rabbi present to officiate with prayers, but allowing me to do your circumcision. Results of our work are…Continue Reading

Seeking circumcision revision and removal of frenulum

March 25, 2017 Dr. Reed, I am 35 years old and wanting a circumcision revision with removal of frenulum. My circumcision scar line is uneven and has suture marks. I would like for the scar line to be even. Without the obvious suture marks and with the frenulum removed. Dr. Reed do you use stitches…Continue Reading

Have frenular scars and wide cross hatch marks

Dr. Reed,  Have frenular scars and wide cross hatch marks associated with an adult circumcision done about 4 years ago and have been referred to you by a procirc group.  Saw your before and after adult circumcision pictures on and would like to schedule in.  Will removing so many scars cause me to be overly…Continue Reading

Adult circumcision sutures, do they need to be removed?

Dr. Reed,  Can you do an adult circumcision with absorbable sutures, so I do not have to come back for suture removal? Benjamin Dear Benjamin, We recommend for a cosmetic adult circumcision your absorbable sutures be removed about 12 to 14 days after cosmetic adult circumcision.  The reason being, if this is not done, 10%…Continue Reading