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How many stitches are used for an adult circumcision?

Dr. Reed, Will I have less chance of scarring if my doctor uses less sutures?  Nick

Dear Nick.

Scarring is related to many factors.  One is when stitches are tied too tightly they tend to cut into the skin.  If stitches are not removed on or about the 12th to 14th post-op day and steril-strips put in, the reabsorption process in itself is inflammatory and that can cause scarring. If your doctor, cuts unnecessarily deeply and injures the vascular supply, this is not optimal for wound healing.  A circumcision is about removing skin and skin only. Less sutures generally means more puckers

Best to leave adult circumcisions to doctors who are very fussy about a good cosmetic result.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcision – Miami

(FAQ) What are the medical reasons for adult circumcision | Dr. Harold Reed | The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcision

Dr. Reed,  Why do adult men seek circumcision?  Are there any medical reasons?  Chaz Dear Chaz, Here are some medical reasons why a man might choose to get circumcised: Phimosis: This is a medical condition in which the foreskin covering the penis is too tight and is hard to retract. Penile cancer: Although rare, penile cancer is…Continue Reading

Having an adult circumcision for religious reasons. Can be wife be present

Dr. Reed,  I am a 33 year old man who has married a wonderful lady, and would like an adult circumcision for religious reasons.  Did not have one in my country where I was born.  Could she be present?  She works in a doctors office.  Stefan Dear Stefan, Of course your wife can be present.…Continue Reading

Possible to schedule consult and adult circumcision same day and drive home?

Dr. Reed, I live in Boynton Beach, Fl. Is it possible to schedule a consultation and cosmetic adult circumcision the same day. Then drive home?  Brent Dear Brent, You can initiate the consultation over the phone.  In that call anticipate questions about current medications, allergies, your age, height weight, and answer any questions you may have about…Continue Reading

Can you do a vasectomy with circumcision?

Dr. Reed, Can you do a vasectomy with circumcision. I have 3 children. Ted Dear Ted, Yes we can.  Please keep in mind after an adult circumcision you will not be able to have penetrating sex for 7 weeks or so.  Following vasectomy  you cannot have unprotected sex until 2 specimens show no spem (just to…Continue Reading

Adult circumcision sutures, do they need to be removed?

Dr. Reed,  Can you do an adult circumcision with absorbable sutures, so I do not have to come back for suture removal? Benjamin Dear Benjamin, We recommend for a cosmetic adult circumcision your absorbable sutures be removed about 12 to 14 days after cosmetic adult circumcision.  The reason being, if this is not done, 10%…Continue Reading

Can you save my penile piercing when you do an adult circumcision

Dear Dr. Reed,  I have been reading allot on adult circumcision and reading what you do seems the best I have seen. I have been wanting to get this dun for along time and think you are the one to do it for me. My question is you say you can leave the frenulum. i…Continue Reading

How do you prevent erection from tearing the Circumcision

I have acquired Phimosis after a fungal infection almost an year and half back, Since then I have a very tight foreskin, but it is retractable. I have few concerns like the cosmetic appearance after the procedure, and how to manage the stitches in case of accidental/sudden erection or early morning erections (I get a…Continue Reading

Cosmetic Circumcision Consultation and Surgery Fee

Dear Melvin, Our consultation fee is 250 which provides for many telephone calls, Email exchanges, opening a folder, review of any pertinent medical records, and your first visit to the office excluding surgery, of course  Cosmetic circumcision includes use of the facility, surgery, anesthesia, and any followup care we provide including suture removal.  Anesthesia is…Continue Reading

Cosmetic Circumcision with Dr. Reed | Miami | Before and after photos

Dr. Reed,  What is a cosmetic circumcision?  Oscar Dear Oscar, A  cosmetic circumcision in our practice is performed under local anesthesia 99% of the time with or without IV conscious sedation (no added charge).  You don’t want a rush job that looks like it was done in 15 minutes.  You do want attention to options…Continue Reading