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Circumcision revision for penile scars

Dr. Reed, Need an adult circumcision revision for uneven skin and scars  Andy

Dear Andy,

We do several circumcisions and revisions of uneven circumcisions every week.  Not sure if the surgeon is looking at the result before the dressing is applied.  Usually the inner skin should be of equal length all the way around, and we emphasize sutures should be removed in 12 to 14 days and replaced with fresh steri-strips to minimize any tension on the incision line for at least another week.

Please visit our web-site for before and after pictures of adult circumcision adult-male-circumcision

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Adult circumcision with suture tracks

Adult circumcision with suture tracks and penile scrotal web and malposition of the penile raphe

After picture of adult circumcision  (patient of Dr. Reed)

Do you recommend my frenulum be removed when I have an adult circumcision?

Dr. Reed, Do you recommend my frenulum be removed when I have an adult circumcision?  Steve Dear Steve,  The decision is yours and there is no extra fee, and the added time is about 2 minutes to level it out and sew the edges back together.  If you have downward angulation of the head of the penis…Continue Reading

Have phimosis, treatment options?

Dr. Reed, Have phimosis. What are the treatment options.  Jared Dear Jared, Phimosis is a normal congenital condition which only persists in about 3% of men over 18 years of age.  If you’re an adult and a trial of steroid creams has not resulted in a permanent cure, I would suggest an adult circumcision. We…Continue Reading

My circumcision doctor said I am too fussy, of course there’ll be a noticeable circumcision scar

Dr. Reed, How delicate a circumcision scar should I expect after wound healing?  Harry Dear Harry, Please understand adult circumcision wound healing can take up to 4 months, although you most likely can resume penetrating sex in about 8 weeks. Do ask your circumcision doctor if he/she has a web-site with photos of mature results…Continue Reading

(FAQ) Adult circumcision revision | Dr. Reed | Miami

Dr. Reed, Am contemplating an adult circumcision revision.  Have some minor com;plaints including a penile skin waddle, could be a tighter circumcision, and unsightly suture cross hatch marks. Is it worth it?  Alex Dear Alex, If you are medically in good shape, this type of surgery which is minor and done under local is fairly…Continue Reading

Moderately high circumcision with the frenulum intact

My name is Gary and I have been considering adult circumcision for some time now. Now that I am retired, wintering in Ocala, FL, the time has come. I am 61  and wish to be circumcised for both cosmetic and sanitary reasons. Cosmetic because I favor the appearance of a circumcised penis and sanitary wise because…Continue Reading

FAQ | Cosmetic Circumcision | The Reed Centre | Miami

Dr. Reed, What do you mean by cosmetic adult circumcision?  Roger Dear Roger, Cosmetic adult circumcision means it is done with careful attention to detail, a fairly symmetrical result, with minimal scarring, no waddles of skin, no skin puckers or suture tracks.  Take a look at one of our patients (below) and see if this…Continue Reading

Circumcision suturing FAQ | Dr. Harold Reed M.D. | Miami

Dear Dr. Reed,  When putting the stitches in to close an adult circumcision it better to start underneath or on the top?  Milton Dear Milton, In that we want the raphe or pigmented line to extend outwards at 6 o’clock, that would be the first stitch.  Then to reinforce that stitch, we put in one…Continue Reading

Possible to schedule consult and adult circumcision same day and drive home?

Dr. Reed, I live in Boynton Beach, Fl. Is it possible to schedule a consultation and cosmetic adult circumcision the same day. Then drive home?  Brent Dear Brent, You can initiate the consultation over the phone.  In that call anticipate questions about current medications, allergies, your age, height weight, and answer any questions you may have about…Continue Reading

The art of the circumcision

Dr. Reed, heard you have done about 8000 adult circumcisions.  What is meant by the “art of the circumcision.”  I am looking for a careful job and wish to discuss circumcision styles in advance. In his service Pastor Hebert MDiv Dear Pastor Hebert Our approach is 1.  Correspond initially with the patient by Email or phone…Continue Reading