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Is bleeding normal after a circumcision

Dr. Reed,  Have had an “adult circumcision” and was surprised to see noticeable bleeding on my dressing after going home.  Will this stop spontaneously or should I re-see my doctor ASAP


Dear Will,

The best place to stop bleeding duing circumcision is in the operating room when the procedure is being done.  I would not begin to approximate the skin unless all the underlying bleeding is controlled with cautery (coagulation).  Then we apply a loosely compressive 2 layered wrap of soft conforming gauze and Coban (another stretchable product).  We keep the patient lying down in the recovery room for usually 2 ours before release.  Several times we pull back the sheets to have a look-see.  Please be sure you have complied with your doctor’s instructions regarding medications and things to avoid before surgery such as no aspirin and aspirin products, vitamin E, fish oil, spicy foods or alcohol.  Will, please provide a followup report and do let your doctor know that as far as responding to your call, you consider this an emergency.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Ambulatory Urological Surgery – Miami