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Having an adult circumcision for religious reasons. Can be wife be present

Dr. Reed,  I am a 33 year old man who has married a wonderful lady, and would like an adult circumcision for religious reasons.  Did not have one in my country where I was born.  Could she be present?  She works in a doctors office.  Stefan

Dear Stefan,

Of course your wife can be present.  We’ll bring in a chair and she can sit by your side and hopefully distract you and make the experience pleasant.  There have been a few articles written recently about the benefits of a mature adult in a suturing room along with a patient.  This is not such a big secret as in emergency rooms where I trained, the parents were always welcome to be present which helped sedate the child.  Much, much better than I or a nurse could ever do.  Hope she doesn’t get bored.  Circumcision anesthesia takes a while. Allow 15 minutes for the numbing cream to work, then another 10 m minutes for the local anesthetic to take effect, than about 40 minutes for a cosmetic circumcision.

Please look at before and after pictures of adult circumcisions on our web-site

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Cosmetic Adult Circumcision (patient of Dr. Reed)

Phimosis FAQ | Dr. Harold Reed M.D. | Miami

Dr. Reed,  Have been battling with phimosis for nearly all my adult life and have tried steroid creams, antibiotic creams, sexual abstinence, you name it, and does occasionally get somewhat better but at this point I am a believer that I will need an adult circumcision.  Do I have options for circumcision styles?  Chris Dear…Continue Reading

The art of the circumcision

Dr. Reed, heard you have done about 8000 adult circumcisions.  What is meant by the “art of the circumcision.”  I am looking for a careful job and wish to discuss circumcision styles in advance. In his service Pastor Hebert MDiv Dear Pastor Hebert Our approach is 1.  Correspond initially with the patient by Email or phone…Continue Reading

Embarrassed to say, need a circumcision revision

Dear Dr. Reed, Had an adult circumcision elsewhere and the result is not so pretty.  A lot of scarring and in general very uneven result.  Seeking a circumcision revision by a cosmetically oriented urologist, so I can put this behind me.  Brently Dear Brently, Circumcision and circumcision revisions are the specialty of the house.  We…Continue Reading

Choice of circumcision style? Can you fix a loose circ for friend?

Dr. Reed,  My friend and I would like to travel from Canada to Miami to have a circumcision in Miami.  Do I have a choice of circumcision styles, and how soon can we schedule in.  My friend is looking for a circumcision revision of a very loose circumcision Nelson Dear Nelson, You certainly do have…Continue Reading

Waddle of skin under my circumcision

Dr. Reed,  Had an adult circumcision a few months ago and see a waddle of skin underneath.  Can you make some recommendations. Sent you a photo for comment. Chris Dear Chris, Thank you for the well focused side view photo.  My thoughts are if you have been monitoring this waddle, and if is continuing to…Continue Reading

Circumcision scar revision and remove penile-scrotal web

Dr. Reed,  Am a member of a circ support group and they recommended you to revise my circumcision scar (had 1 circumcision and one revision)  and remove a penile scrotal web.  Will be available in January. Warren Dear Warren, Sorry to learn you had  so much grief.  There is always a tendency if too much…Continue Reading

After adult circumcision pictures, looking for the best circumcision style

Dr. Reed, I am doing some research circumcision style pictures to help solidify my preference for adult male circumcision which I will be having at the Reed Centre next month.  Bruce Dear Bruce,  Thank you for looking at our before and after circumcision pictures of adult circumcisions and circumcision revisions at If you do not…Continue Reading