Can you fix an ugly circumcision scar?

Dr. Reed, Had an adult circumcision at another clinic and the result impedes desire for sexual contact. Think this may require a major overhaul.  Could send you some photos.  Arthur

Dear Arthur,

Adult circumcisions and revisions of adult circumcisions are the specialty of the house. Before any circumcision or circumcision revision is undertaken at the Reed Centre, I have a thorough discussion with the patient regarding his objectives.  Pre-markings may be done in the exam room (not operating room) to reconfirm what will be done.  The next factor is for me to allow plenty of time to do an aesthetic circumcision.  The patient is given a hand held mirror to confirm he is pleased with how things are going and the final outcome is acceptable before the dressing is applied.

Careful post-operative instructions are designed to promote optimal wound healing.  Patients are encouraged to stay for 2 hours in our recovery room to minimize bruising and bleeding.  The patient is examined several times before discharge to confirm all is going well.  We urge the patient not to travel over 15 minutes to return to his hotel or home.  Best rest except for the rest room and sitting up to eat for the remainder of the day is advised.  Patients are requested to return to our facility for a dressing check the following day. Most likely the outer dressing is loosened to promote healthy circulation.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcision | Miami

Adult circumcision picture done elsewhere

Adult circumcision revision with release of penile-scrotal web
(by Dr. Reed)

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