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Dr. Reed,  Would you be willing to do an adult circumcision and vasectomy at the same time? Rudy

Dear Rudy, Yes, we are often asked to combine the procedures.  A few caveats.  If you are married we need a letter of consent from your wife for vasectomy as this renders your marriage infertile.  Also you may wish to consider if you might be prone to change your mind…. Let’s say you’re single and then meet a lovely young lady who has no children and wants a family with you.  So one suggestion is to store sperm (a seminal specimen) in a sperm bank.

Remember immediately after vasectomy you are not infertile, it takes in excess of 8 strong ejaculations to remove all the sperm above the level of vas interruption.  Many urological guidance boards recommend 2 negative specimens just to be sure.  Recently one lab spun a patient’s specimen to artificially create a more concentrated version.  The lab technician reported I still see some non-motile sperm.  Also of interest is you should decide whether you wish to have your vas specimens (about 3/8″ long) sent to a laboratory to confirm they were removed.  This might be of help in case of a paternity suit.  Many patient who have been stably married for years and years say this is not necessary.

Please see our web-site for before and after pictures of circumcision and do contemplate your preferred circumcision style.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcisions | Miami

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