adult circumcision to look like newborn

Dear Reed,

Can you make my circumcision to look like it was done as a newborn?


Dear  Mike,

That is our goal.  Most likely you will want your frenulum removed as that is the way newborn circs look.  Also you will want a neat scar with preservation of inner skin.  The degree of tightness is your call.  Most likely the angle of cut is designed to have an equal amount of inner skin all the way around. This means the cut is on the bias as opposed to perpendicular to the long axis of the penis.

Measures that promote good healing include, bed rest for 2 days, meticulous hemostasis (cauterization of bleeding sites), a 2 layered closure for better strength and less post op swelling, use of fast absorbing sutures, steri-strips, removal of sutures 12 to 14 days after your circumcision.  Please look at before and after photos on our web-site



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