Adult Circumcision for Balanitis

Dear Dr. Reed,

Have chronic inflammation of the head of my penis and when I try to retract it to cleanse, there is some tearing and small amount of bleeding.  Is the a non-surgical cure?


Dear Raymond,

Balanitis means inflammation of the head and comes from the Greek word balanos or acorn.  If the foreskin is inflamed as well that’s called posthitis or together balano-posthitis.  Steroid creams and antibiotic creams are used and may be helpful but usually not permanently curative.  Then the 2 tissues stick together that’s called synechia and the most reliable treatment is circumcision with removal of all inflamed tissue.  This may exposed a raw surface area but if the inner foreskin does not come in contact with the glans, eventually this area will epithelialize and once healed, you should be cured.  Pleae visit our web-site


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