2008 Circumcision

We thought you might be interested in seeing how Larry’s circumcision is today.  You circumcised him on 3 March 2008. Coming up on almost seven years.  As you can see we could not ask for any better outcome.  Feel free to add this to your web page, with my other images that you use of me.

We are both well, I am in good health other then some issues with hyperlipidemia, my life is good.

We wish you the best in the coming New Year.

Larry's perfect circumcision

Please convey our thoughts and cares to Annie as well.
We thank you everyday for performing Larry’s perfect circumcision.

Dana and Larry


Circumcised Sex


Well, I’m home 60 days after my circumcision with Dr. Reed with a gorgeous stud-boy who was also circumcised as an adult. Like me, he’s really high and tight and we spent the entire time together enjoying our beautifully trimmed tools. I must report the feelings were exquisite. Like masturbation, the sensations are not only coming from the bare glans, but from the entire inner foreskin lining area. The circ incision line is also exquisitely sensitive. The orgasms feel much deeper inside the penis head then before my circumcision, and post-orgasm the big, bare glans continues to tingle on and off for several hours. It’s like having many mini-orgasms for several hours after sex has ended.

Condoms are also no longer a problem. With a long foreskin, the condom often got rolled up on the skin during intercourse. Regular condoms were simply not made for uncircumcised men. I hear they make special condoms that just go over the head of uncut dicks, and then the foreskin slips up over that. Sounds bad… two layers of skin providing even less stimulation to the glans. Circumcised cocks have none of this trouble. The condom works much better on the tightly cut dick.

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Like so many before me, I wonder why in the world I waited so long to be circumcised. It should be done as a routine service to every boy and man on the planet!