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Would like a tight circumcision and vasectomy

Dr. Reed, Would like a tight circumcision.  Looked at your blog and circumcision pictures on  Do you know of any doctors in Connecticut.  Andrew  PS Is it also possible to have a vasectomy done at the same time? Dear Andrew,  Thank you for your interest in what we do.  8000 adult circumcisions over the…Continue Reading

Adult circumcision and vasectomy (FAQ) | Dr. Reed | Miami

Dr. Reed,  Would you be willing to do an adult circumcision and vasectomy at the same time? Rudy Dear Rudy, Yes, we are often asked to combine the procedures.  A few caveats.  If you are married we need a letter of consent from your wife for vasectomy as this renders your marriage infertile.  Also you may…Continue Reading

Can you do a vasectomy with my circumcision

Dr. Reed,  Is it possible to do a vasectomy at the time of my circumcision.  What would this add to the expense? Manny Dear Manny, Hope you’re siting down, just an additional 250.  Did I break the bank?  Please visit our web-site for before and after circumcision pictures.  If you are married, we need…Continue Reading

Can you do a vasectomy with circumcision?

Dr. Reed, Can you do a vasectomy with circumcision. I have 3 children. Ted Dear Ted, Yes we can.  Please keep in mind after an adult circumcision you will not be able to have penetrating sex for 7 weeks or so.  Following vasectomy  you cannot have unprotected sex until 2 specimens show no spem (just to…Continue Reading

Non-scalpel vasectomy – Dr. Reed – Miami

Dr. Reed, What is a non-scalpel vasectomy.  Is it more expensive or better than a simple vasectomy? Hershal Dear Hershal, A “non-scalpel” vasectomy has been in public awareness for about 20 years, and we can do that if you wish.  In my opinion this is more of a promotional; gimmick, as the procedure is virutally…Continue Reading

Vasectomy – Dr. Reed – Miami

Dr. Reed, Am contemplating having a vasectomy.  Any special instructions? Raymond Dear Raymond,  Please call the office to discuss your medical history (1-305-865-2000). Please no aspirin or aspirin products, no anti-inflammatory drugs such as Motrin, Advil, Alleve, or Cox 2 inhibitors such as Celebrex or Vioxx for 2 weeks  before surgery. No Vitamin E or…Continue Reading

Why send Vasectomy specimen out for Biopsy histologic confirmation

Dear Reed,  Does it make sense to send out my Vasectomy specimen for biopsy following a Bilateral Vasectomy and Adult Circumcision?  I hear the additional charge can be $200 to $250. Milt Dear Milt Most urologists do not have any question if they removed a segment of vas assuming they make 2 independent incisions laterally in the scrotum.  The…Continue Reading

Adult Circumcision and Vasectomy

Dr. Reed, Can you do a Vasectomy along with my circumcision? Duane Dear Duane, Yes we are asked every so often to do both a bilateral vasectomy along with an adult circumcision or a circumcision revision.  If you are married, you will need a letter from your wife saying she approves of the vasectomy. Please be…Continue Reading

Adult Circumcision and Vasectomy| Dr. Reed | Miami

Dr. Reed, can you do a vasectomy at the time of a circumcision? Benjie Dear Benjie,  Yes we can and we’ll do the vasectomy as an add-on for 250.  If you check around I think you’ll find that is a very fair and economical price.  Remember, you are not cleared to have unprotected sex until…Continue Reading

Vasectomy and Circumcision, schedule me in

Dear Dr. Reed,  Can circumcision and vasectomy by safely performed at the same time? Reynold Dear Reynold, Yes, certainly.  If you are married, we need a note from your wife  saying she agrees.  If you are not married you may wish to have the vas specimen sent to a laboratory for pathological confirmation that you…Continue Reading