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Penile Skin Bridge, Penile Tunnel, Penile Synechia

Dr. Reed, Have a Penile Bridge or Tunnel where I had an circumcision with many years ago and it continually sheds dirt.  Speculating, perhaps the sutures which were never removed caused this.   They have never been infected, but the stuff I squeeze out of them is whitish and smells terrible. Could this produce an infection…Continue Reading

Penile skin tunnel that doesn’t belong there

Dear Dr. Reed,  I have a noticeable penile skin tunnel on the underside of my penis probably related to an infant circumcision and this has bothered me and persisted all of my adult life although reassured it would eventually open.  Never happened.  What now.  Rudy Dear Rudy,  Chances are you will need a very minor…Continue Reading

Penile skin bridge and adhesions

What are penile adhesions and skin bridges? Penile adhesions in circumcised boys occur when the penile shaft skin sticks, or adheres, to the glans of the penis. Our practice is mostly adult patients, so the bridges or adhesions (also called synechia) have been present for a long time, and doubtless would go away with non-operative…Continue Reading

Penile Skin bridges or Skin Tunnels after Circumcision

We frequently see penile skin bridges or tunnels usually as a remnant of incomplete wound healing or synechia (skin fusion) after circumcision or the skin was never completely separated or as a remnant of a suture tract which epithelializes inside.  See   The are removed by unroofing or removing skin and placing a few sutures…Continue Reading

Is there a way to make the rim of the head of my penis more prominent after circumcision?

Dr. Reed, Had an adult circumcision 2 years ago and the rim of the head of my penis seems fused to the shaft of my penis.  Flush.  I know that is not normal. Any idea what may have happened and how can this be corrected?  Craig Dear Craig, More likely than not here is a fusion between…Continue Reading