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Why an adult circumcision? Why not just a dorsal slit?

Why is there a need to remove the prepuce?  Why not just a dorsal slit?   Clyde Dear Clyde, A dorsal slit is performed under unusual circumstances, such as a patient who needs justifiable relief from phimosis or intractable balano-posthiits, and usually is too ill or not safe to proceed with full adult circumcision.  Example: a…Continue Reading

Dorsal slit versus an adult circumcision for phimosis

Dr. Reed,  Have a tight phimosis and my doctor suggested do a dorsal slit first, let that settle down and after 2 to 3 months, remove the rest with an adult circumcision?  Would you agree? Ham Dear Ham, A dorsal slit, in my opinion is only reserved for serious infections or an unstable patient who should not…Continue Reading

Minimizing bruising after cosmetic adult circumcision

Dr. Reed,  I am scheduled to have a cosmetic adult circumcision with you in Miami in 10 days. What can I do to minimize bruising afterwards? Gary Dear Gary, Bed rest ideally for 24 hours, sitting up to eat and drink fluids.  Intermittently during this period you can do some  lower extremity exercsies if you wish…Continue Reading

Phimosis in the adult male

Phimosis is defined as the inability to retract the skin (foreskin or prepuce) covering the head (glans) of the penis. Where as phimosis is normal in infancy and childhood, the incidence of persistent phimosis in 7th grade boys is about 1% (reference Department of Urology, San Francisco). Smegma, a oily smelly collection of decaying skin cells from…Continue Reading

Phimosis and Paraphimosis

Phimosis is a tight narrowing of the distal foreskin should that it cannot be easily retracted for daily hygiene.  Or retracted with such difficulty the foreskin tears.  It may tear during sex when the chronically inflamed area is challenged by enhanced glans (head) size.  Sometimes the prepuce may not easily return to cover the head…Continue Reading

Circumcision – The Procedure Techniques

Dorsal Slit Technique This technique is preferred for use in patients with phimosis or paraphimosis. In the patient presenting with acute paraphimosis, gentle, steady pressure on the prepuce decreases the swelling. The physician may then reduce the paraphimosis by pushing on the glans with the thumbs and pulling on the foreskin with the fingers. If…Continue Reading

Fred from the UK was not satisfied with initial circ, had it revised and now happy.

After an initial circumcision that I was unsatisfied with the results for, I have now had the remainder removed and am very happy with the result. I got there eventually.  Fred Good afternoon Fred, Sometimes the challenges of a cosmetic circumcision are daunting to a urologist and he doesn’t know what to do first.  Doing things…Continue Reading