Concealed penis, hidden penis, buried penis, loose circumcision

From a Letter to a person with a hidden penis.


Concealed, buried or hidden penis is becoming a hot topic for urology meetings as though this has only been appreciated recently. Of course not. The penile skin is attached to the underlying shaft with septae or connective tissue cords. Normally they are among the loosest septae in our body, examples of tight septae are in the soles of our feet and palms of our hands where little skin moves. In your case the septal length is unacceptably long. That IMHO explains why you look uncircumcised and to this is added loose pubic skin which is draping or blousing down over your penis. If you wish to have some idea as to how it might look, lift your pubic skin up with the hands, stand in front of a mirror. Do you like what you see. The surgical remedy is to remove a crescent of pubic fat and skin and tack the penile skin down to the base of your penis, and your scrotal skin to the underside of the base, where it belongs. Hoping that makes sense, Check out Happy fourth of July, Harold M. Reed, M,D. 308-865-2000

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