High and tight circumcision redux (aka ultra tight circumcision)

Dr. Reed, Can you perform an ultra tight circumcision?  What are the advantages of high and tight circumcision?  Richard

Dear Richard,

Yes, if you do not have phimosis we can do a high and tight circumcision . Please be advised however that the inner skin which is being preserved is the portal through which HIV infection occurs.  If you’re inclined to have even an occasional promiscuous relationship without protection, you’re taking a chance.  High and tight is a personal preference and if you are like most men, your ejaculatory latency time will be unaffected.

Next keep in mind if a very tight circumcision will draw pubic skin and hair onto the penile shaft, and also draw scrotal skin an hair onto the penile shaft. In the vernacular, this is called a turkey neck and may create the illusion that you appear shorter.  (or bpenile scrotal web).

I have seen a patient only 2 months ago, whose circumcision was so tight, he complained he actually lost penile length.  So please be cautious. Finding a doctor to accede to your request may be a lot easier than living with “much wiser now” radical surgery.

On our web-site penisdoctor.com we have before and pictures of circumcision styles.  Please give due consideration.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcision |  Miami

Moderately high circumcision

High and tight circumcision

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